Our Goal for 2014

Hey gang, comedian Warren B. Hall here!! our goal is to get me known. Known enough so that I can play the club(s) nearest YOU!! I want to be where YOU are!! What good is being known if I can't play and hangout with the people who got me there?


Watch My Standup

  • First thing I need you to do is watch my standup comedy clips. I will be posting these soon, for now you can view them on youtube If you like them, share them with YOUR people!!
  • Next I need you to view my self made gameshow "Whiteman/Blackman". Guess along with the contestants see if you guess right or just stereotype!

Simply put, Warren B Hall is not what you're expecting... he purposely avoids using the white vs black angle done by many mainstream black comedians. Daring to be different warren chooses to focus on a funny!

Warren has been seen on the show "comics unleashed" and can be heard regularly on Sirius XM radio. He's also a regular on the Bob and Tom Morning Show. More importantly Warren has gone overseas and performed for our troops stationed in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan..not once or twice but FIVE times. His style is original, relatable and definitely funny.

Don't take his word for it see some of the funny for yourself!

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