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Our Goal For 2013

Hey gang, comedian Warren B. Hall here!!

Our goal (yes our goal) is to get me known. Known enough so that I can play the club(s) nearest YOU!! I want to be where YOU are!! What good is being known if I can't play and hangout with the people who got me there?

  • First thing I need you to do is watch MY stand up comedy clips. If you like them, share them with YOUR people!!


  • Next I need you to view MY self made gameshow "Whiteman/Blackman. Guess along with the contestants see if you guess right or just stereotype!

Follow Me...

Twitter: @WarrenBHall



Warren Fact...

Little known fact about Warren, he is a big fan of learning American Sign Language...

My Next Show

January 18-19 GOONIES in Rochester MN


February 2, 2013, I tape my oficial DVD: "Nobody Knows Me"

The show will be at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville Indiana!! PLEASE come out to the taping.

It's gonna be fun, fun, fun!! 8pm sharp. Get your ticket NOW!

Your "to do" list!

1 Watch my stand up comedy videos

Watch My Game Show Videos (try your best to guess along)

Tell me your closest comedy club so I can do a show there and then YOU can be a contestant on my game show!!